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At Grâce, our mission is to cultivate spaces that transcend mere living, embodying a harmonious blend of elegance and inclusivity. We strive to foster a community where every resident is embraced with compassion, where healthy lifestyles flourish, and where environmental consciousness is woven into the fabric of everyday living.

Grâce is more than a residence; it’s a sanctuary that echoes our commitment to nurturing both the well-being of our residents and the environment we call home.


Grâce envisions a future where refined living meets boundless inclusivity. We aspire to be a beacon of compassion, providing not just residences, but interconnected communities that thrive on the principles of health, environmental stewardship, and shared experiences.

Our vision is to redefine urban living by creating spaces that resonate with grace, warmth, and a profound sense of belonging.

Grâce takes a creative approach to urban revitalization and architectural harmony. With a deep respect for NDG’s historical charm, our design ethos prioritizes maintaining the neighbourhood’s architectural integrity.

In crafting Grâce, our team chose to accentuate key elements of the neighbourhood’s design language. This includes a thoughtfully designed low-rise building harmonizing with neighbouring rooflines, the use of masonry along all facades, and the incorporation of private balconies.

Sustainable foundations


Designed with
you in mind.

Designed with you in mind

Grâce’s interior was imagined by Vanessa Brisset and Laurence Guimond of FAMDESIGN, a proudly woman-owned and operated interior design studio with expertise in high-end projects. Drawing on inspiration ranging from fashion to nature, FAMDESIGN creates unique spaces that are equal parts avant-garde and functional.

For Grâce, FAMDESIGN incorporated natural wood and stone elements to evoke quality, comfort and warmth, features that transform an ordinary condo into a graceful home. Spacious open concept living and dining areas makes spaces perfect for entertaining or indoor-outdoor feel on warm breezy days.

We prioritize the comfort and independence of all residents, fostering a living environment where accessibility is not just a feature but an integral part of the overall welcoming experience.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll experience seamless accessibility, facilitated by well-maintained ramps, wide doorways, and an elevator system designed for convenience. Our dedication to universal design extends beyond physical structures to encompass user-friendly technology, ensuring everyone can easily navigate shared spaces.

Universal comfort, refined living

Universal comfort,
refined living

3 Phases

Strategically placed locations, all just steps away from everything the beautiful N.D.G. neighbourhood has to offer.

Phase 2

Coming soon

Phase 2

32 units

Phase 3

Coming soon

Phase 3

41 units

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